About KC Group

KC Group is a financial services firm founded in 2014 with an exclusive focus on strategic, cross-border business and investment between China and the West.

KC Group consists of the following two divisions:

  • Investment banking (including mergers and acquisitions, strategic advisory, and risk and intelligence), referred to as "KC"
  • Principal investment activities 


KC Group was founded in October of 2014 by Fang Chu Ph.D. (KC Group's CEO and a Chinese national) and Grant Kettering (KC Group's Chairman and a U.S. national). 

The founding and continuing purpose of KC Group is to be a financial services firm which, through specialization and insight, can achieve preëminece in the unique Chinese cross-border environment. KC Group believes that the economic rise and international integration of China is among the most profound human stories, and also holds some of the greatest economic promise, of our time. KC's approach is defined by insight into the fundamental currents and drivers of change, an emphasis on durable personal relationships, and a focus on strategic projects that can be realized at scale.

The core of KC Group is an investment banking division (referred to as "KC") which is run directly by the firm's founders. KC provides classic mergers and acquisitions and strategic advisory services to both clients outbound from, and inbound to, China. Due to the great gap between the operating environments in China and the West, KC also maintains a risk and intelligence division, which helps clients who may have run into difficulty to navigate and manage counterparty, government, and public relations risk.

In 2016, KC Group launched its principal investment division with an investment into KCed, a joint venture between KC Group and Empyrics, Inc., a New York based premium education consultancy. KCed brings the premium, tailored educational and professional development services Empyrics pioneered to a new segment of international clients.

In 2017, KC Group's principal investment division launched its second principal venture, Zivan Group, in partnership with Dr. Michael Lewis, M.D.. Zivan provides international clients with guided, customized, and efficient access to some of leading resources in the U.S. healthcare system. 

A Modern Financial Firm

Unlike some financial services firms, KC Group believes both that human kind is facing a unique set of global challenges—such as climate change and income inequality—and that it is both in the interest, and among the responsibilities, of businesses globally to understand and contribute to the solutions of these challenges.

KC is intersted in the development of sustainable solutions to such challenges at scale.  KC's means of addressing them involves the devotion of firm time and resources (internal and external, financial and non-financial) to understanding, contributing directly to, and helping others to contribute to, their solution. 


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